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So, there I was, hanging out with suhl and her spawn, watching Smallville. We even paused partway through whilst I attempted to explain a little of the workings of the DC Universe. She was actually unaware that Superman, Batman, and others all existed in the same universe and hung out and stuff. Something like that is just not in her world view. It was cute.

So anyway, we watched Clark expose himself to Lana, do the cute coal-to-diamond thing, show him the Fortress of Solitude, and it was all so romantic and sweet. And then the election. And then Lana died, and I was like, "Aww! How sad! But at least he'll stop angsting so much. This is probably a good thing." And then...and THEN...he has to go back in time and FIX it! How does he fix it? By being just a little faster in saving Lana? No. By perhaps warning her? No! Instead, he acts like a complete moron! So it's back to Lana/Clark angst all over again. I'm sorry, WB, but the will they/won't they thing is getting beyond old. You're irritating me with this relationship like you expect me to shoot a pearl out of my ass. If you want to pull drek like this, you need to have Joss Whedon write it. Yes, I hate him for killing Tara, but he didn't irritate me with it, and I got to watch Willow flay Warren.

I digress. Sorry.

So then, Jonathan dies, which we'd all guessed all along anyway. And this time, does he grab his dad and go speeding off to the hospital? No. He just sort him die. What the hell? Was he thinking, "Well, if it's either Lana or Dad, I guess I'll let Dad go?"

As far as I'm concerned, Smallville has now wooed the shark, wined it, dined it, and jumped it several times before a nice cuddle afterwards.
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